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Foundational Certifications

With a wide basis of quality assurance, as inspected and reviewed regularly by third parties, you can be assured that your production is in good hands.



The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a food safety and quality program recognized world-wide requiring rigorous farm-to-fork food safety and quality certification to meet the highest possible global food safety standards.

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SFCR License 

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations covers cover importedexported, or inter-provincially traded food products in Canada with aims to increase consumer confidence in food businesses through the implementation of industry wide standards.

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USFDA Registration

The US FDA is an American Federal Department governing the safe production of food, amongst other sectors, with standards implemented to ensure that food is produced to a high quality.

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Established in 1990, Pro-Cert is a leading provider of professional third-party certification to producers of organic products across North America.

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SAI Global 

SAI Global provides yearly inspections to ensure that producers continually meet the international standards required.

Available upon request.

Expanding your product offerings

Premium call outs increase your appeal to a wide range of customers. With assistance every step of the way, we are able to help you develop products customized for your certification needs!


Gluten Free

A gluten free certified product means that the product contains no gluten, a protein commonly found in grains, including wheat, barley, rye and triticale, and grain by-products. This allows those with celiac disease or any other sort of gluten sensitivity to enjoy the product with no concerns.


The Certified Vegan Logo indicates products which do not contain animal products or byproducts, not have they been tested on animals. This logo easily indicates to consumers who are interested in vegan products, recognising a growing plant-based market which is only increasing in popularity.



A Halal certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law. Offering Halal certified products allows Muslim consumers to be confident that the products they use are in alignment with their culture and beliefs.


Kosher foods are those foods that conform to the Jewish dietary regulations of kashrut (dietary law) and indicates that the product is permissible as a food or ingredient under Jewish law. Offering Kosher certified products allows Jewish consumers to be confident that the products they use are in alignment with their culture and beliefs.

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