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Virtual tour of the production line

Key Features

With the capability to blend and cook over 900 gallons of product per day, Premier Pacific Foods gives an assurance of consistency and quality to every bottle and jar.

From the very first step of mixing, the kettles are double motion agitated with a recirculation system to ensure complete product mixing, include automated temperature control with in-kettle cooling for quality assurance, and allow high viscosity processing up to 100,000cps for products too thick for conventional manufacturers.


All machines are top of the line with automated filling, capping, labeling, case sealing, and neck-banding to prevent product tampering. With hot fill capacities and ink-jet date coding on each container you can be sure that your sauce will meet every packaging requirement. 

Continual upgrades support the production line as specialists are always on hand to fine tune any changes which are required.

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