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Picture showing a wooden table with an assorted spread of aromatics next to a wooden cutting board with bean sprouts atop it
Picture showing a blurry female figure in the background holding a spoon atop a bowl of soup with beansprouts in the foreground

When looking for premium beansprouts in Vancouver, source directly from a company which cares about your needs. With specialized services and solutions for everyone, from mom and pop restaurants to markets to wholesalers, Premier Pacific Foods offers unparalleled value for beansprout sourcing.

All beansprouts are grown and processed on site to the highest industry standards, with the added guarantee of successful community partnerships, to support your business needs. 

Mung Bean Sprouts


Local Restaurant Support

Our most popular option within the Lower Mainland!


Take advantage of high quality sprouts for your restaurant needs at even lower prices.

This special offer started in the midst of  the Covid-19 pandemic, with a goal to support local businesses and has grown to our favorite way to give back to the community. 


Bulk Market Orders

If you are looking for a higher quantity of sprouts, without sacrificing any quality, this is the option for you. Premier Pacific Foods is able to offer a guarantee of quality and health, through continually quality checked growing and harvesting, with no corners cut. In a consumer market which values well-being, rest assured that your products will match their expectations.

With capacity of up to 20 tons, orders can be set up to repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your needs. 


Individual Solutions

Premier Pacific Foods prides ourselves on being able to fit the specific needs of all of our valued customers. If your solution has not been found above, feel free to contract us to talk about your business requirements. We are happy to find a solution for you! 

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